Previous versions of the glm-ie code

Previously released versions of the glm-ie toolbox are available, but it is recommended to use the most recent version.

Current version

The current version 1.5 of the glm-ie code is available here.

Previous versions

Changes between versions are documented here.

The version 1.4 dated 2011-10-19 is available as glm-ie_v1.4.tar.gz and

The version 1.3 dated 2010-11-12 is available as glm-ie_v1.3.tar.gz and

The version 1.2 dated 2010-08-25 is available as glm-ie_v1.2.tar.gz and

The version 1.1 dated 2010-08-10 is available as glm-ie_v1.1.tar.gz and

The version 1.0 dated 2010-07-05 is available as glm-ie_v1.0.tar.gz and